Leticia Balandran

Executive Secretary to the Business Manager
Southern California District Council of Laborers
Apprenticeship Coordinator
Plaster Tenders JAC

Leticia began her career in the construction industry in 1993, when she was hired as an Administrative Assistant for the Associated General Contractors of California. 

Working diligently to learn the rigors of servicing a demanding contractor membership and learning the lingo of the industry.  Leticia was noticed for her tireless work ethic and can-do attitude and was quickly promoted to work within the Labor/Industrial Relations Department of the AGC of California as the department’s Administrator.  She immersed herself into the position and quickly mastered the duties of the position, learning valuable skills in contract administration, labor agreements, grievance handling and supporting collective bargaining efforts.

In 2002, Leticia was offered an opportunity to Administer a then fledgling apprenticeship program- The Plaster Tenders of Southern California Apprenticeship Program- and serve as the Office Manager for the Plaster Tenders Local Union.  True to form she, submerged herself into the duties of the apprenticeship program while simultaneously managing the local union’s office.

Always a quick study, Leticia picked up and exceled in apprenticeship and the Plaster Tenders Apprenticeship Program grew and thrived as did the local union she helped manage. 

In 2018, she was offered another position at the Southern District Council of Laborers as the Executive Assistant to the Business Manager where she remains today.  Requested by the Trustees and JAC of the Plaster Tenders Apprenticeship Trust and Program to be the overseer of the Apprenticeship Program, Leticia agreed to be the Apprenticeship Coordinator and overseer of the Program to ensure the Program continues to grow and thrive; a position for which she takes no pay and works on her own time to ensure its efficacy.