Leah Wimberly

Family History

  • Both of my parents work in construction, so I’ve always really grown up around the industry. A lot of our family friends that we spent time with were people they had met through their careers, I got to help my dad with fun hands-on projects around the house, and I was fortunate enough to visit the occasional jobsite to see what a project looks like behind-the-scenes (it was a different time back then!). From finding a great career in a field I am passionate about to creating lifelong friendships with clients, colleagues, and coworkers, I dove into this head first and never really looked back.
Advice to Younger Generations
  • I think it is important to really commit yourself to your career. You can get as much or as little as you want out of the industry and a lot of that weighs heavily on what you put into it. Getting involved (whether it is in organizations, networking groups, mentorships, educational programs, or Union meetings) will expose you to new people/opportunities, provide you with room for growth, and help you develop skills and knowledge that you can carry with you in both your professional and your personal life.
Memorable Jobs
  • I’ve gotten to work on pretty incredible projects throughout my time at Pacific Wall Systems but for me, the most memorable part of a job is the project team behind it. I’ve gotten to work with some unbelievably talented teams that come together through communication, hard work, and trust to deliver a success project to the end-user. The unique architectural designs, high-end elements, and being able to say I’ve helped build spaces for companies with household names is all really just a fun bonus.
  • I wouldn’t particularly use the term “hardships” to describe challenging moments throughout my career. Everything can serve as a learning experience, so take that lesson with you and keep moving forward. There will be long days, bids lost, mistakes made, and probably some personal sacrifices. Learn from them, be thankful for what they taught you, and appreciate the “wins” that much more.