Janet Pineda

In my family I am the first one to join the union construction industry straight out of high school, I was 18 years old. I finished my apprenticeship in 4 years. Two years later I started running work for KHS&S, I was only 25 years but willing to take on the challenge. I was a foreman for 5 years. Eventually I left the field at 31 years old. After working 13 years in the field I became a Field Representative for the IUPAT District Council 36. I am currently the Drywall Finishing Coordinator and oversee over 250 Drywall Finishing apprentices.
The best advice I can give to the younger generation is “Don’t quit too soon… Yes, it’s hard! Yes, it’s difficult! It’s challenging and it’s not easy, but if you stick to it I promise you it will all be worth it at the end! So keep grinding and keep working!”
The best thing about working out in the field is building relationships with your co-workers and especially those that took the time to train you. I am forever grateful to my mentor Richard Myers aka “Red” who took me under his wings and taught me everything he knows about the trade. If it wasn’t for him I honestly don’t know if I would off made it… mentors are very important in this industry!