David Suder


‚Äč A Legend's lifetime in the Construction Industry - Tribute in Memoriam

Dave Suder, KHS&S Contractors


David Suder, nor his father Paul, realized the eventual impact of what began in a garage adjacent to Paul’s contracting company. David only knew what he wanted to accomplish and how he wanted to benefit employees along the way. He forged ahead, albeit blindly at times, to make what seemed impossible a reality, experiencing a range of emotions he once described as “all out panic to heart-pounding excitement, often within the same day.“  Anyone who had the privilege of working with David during his 35-year-career didn’t just acknowledge his full-steam-ahead trait, they embraced it and loved him for it.  His enthusiasm was addictive, and it helped spur a culture of self-improvement and innovation of which people wanted to be a part. Others inside and outside the construction industry also recognized David’s value, resulting in his being named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009, as well as receiving numerous invitations throughout his career to share his business insights with national trade media in regards to KHS&S’ award winning projects.
David Paul Suder, age 58, passed away on October 7, 2019.  David is now reunited with his parents, who not only fueled David’s life’s journey with love and security, but also guided him toward a path to success by instilling in him the value of hard work and entrepreneurship.  It was these core values David called upon in 1996 when he and a trusted friend wrote a business plan for a start-up company that was to become KHS&S Contractors - West, now a 1,200-person, multistate corporation where David served as President and CEO until his passing.  
Although KHS&S was David’s professional passion, he worked diligently to balance home and professional responsibilities, always finding time to coach baseball teams, attend recitals, and create family experiences, whether to cheer on his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers or to fly to exotic locations where he would introduce his children to a large world of other customs and cultures. A native Californian, David was born in San Francisco in 1961 and graduated in 1979 from Servite High School, where he served as a volunteer and advisor.  It was at Servite where he also met life-long friends who mutually cheered, supported and strengthened one another through life’s many chapters.
As his company and success grew, David became even more aware of his need to give back to others and pay forward the many blessings in his life.  In addition to corporate charities, Dave contributed to many personal ones, including the American Heart Association, Taller San Jose Hope Builders, ACE Los Angeles, and numerous other Catholic organizations, children’s charities and educational scholarship programs. Since 2004, David served on the Board of Directors of the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, which in 2006 named him a Profiles of Courage Community Angel for his significant time and financial contributions to the organization.