M. Carol Wollmann


‚Äč A Legend's lifetime in the Construction Industry

M.Carol Wollmann, A.B.P.A.

Anyone that had the privilege of knowing Carol, would agree she was one of a kind. You can close your eyes, think of her, and feel her spirit even to this day. Carol had a very positive, uplifting attitude bringing joy and laughter anywhere she went. Her thoughtful loving ways came in an always happy, smiling package. She had her own tribulations like we all do but they never seem to faze her. There was a light about her that was inspiring as she always uplifted others in any way she knew. A pure true heart of gold, if you ever needed an honest opinion, she would be the one to call.

“She took care of us like we were her children, kept us up to speed and on the straight and narrow. She was the kindest person I have ever met.”

Carol was born on Christmas day; always referred to as Christmas Carol, December 25, 1938 in Montreal, WI. She was the daughter of the late Rudy and Mary (Kopacz) Beres.

She graduated from Hurley High School with the Class of 1956 and enjoyed many cherished reunions throughout her life. She began working in Milwaukee and while living there, she met her future husband, the love of her life, Erich Wollmann. He truly was her one and only as many of us heard her often talk about him with kindness and love in her voice. They relocated to CA and were married on May 1, 1965. Erich unfortunately passed away in 1983. Carol never remarried and took special joy in remembering him often and fondly.

M. Carol Wollmann retired as Executive Vice President of ABPA (American Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc.) in 2005 after 41 years of dedicated, loyal, and professional service. She supervised several trust funds in the LA area. She dealt with all facets of multi-employer benefit plan administration, health/welfare, pension, vacation, apprenticeship training funds and claims processing. She was also responsible for implementation of many newly acquired accounts and/or sectional department wherein she commuted state-to-state to apply her expertise to firmly establish the foundation for proper administration and management. She held the positions of user representative, auditor, and administration specialist as well as branch manager. She was also a member of ABPA’s Executive Operating Committee. After her retirement, she continued to be actively involved with the Southern California Association of Benefit Plan Administrators, serving as President, and retired from the board shorty before her death in 2017.  Her leadership and strive for excellence were just as prevalent here as in her personal life.

Mary Carol Wollmann was the biggest supporter of the association and a constant friendly face at all industry functions with her treasured presence. One of the annual Ron Huff Charity Golf Tournament will never be forgotten by many while Carol was struck on her leg with a golf ball. Years later she still had a dent to go with the story of suffering through her upcoming cruise shortly after.

She took excellent care of herself to make sure she had plenty of energy to do all the things she enjoyed. Carol thoroughly had a busy life full of adventures. Amongst many of her travels she loved cruises the most. She cherished time with her beloved family, friends, and acquaintances. She loved the holidays and always made everyone around her feel special. Carol was a great dancer and up for the next exciting thing around the corner. She was widely respected and loved by many, many people. Her infectious smile and beautiful heart stayed with you carrying through until the next time spent.

Not many will forget her cute ponytail, her signature. Once asked why it always looked the same “that is the only way I know how to curl it” she would say.

She was Catholic and an active member in various church ministries, playing the organ and in her younger years and singing in the church choir. Most recently, she served as a dedicated parishioner and usher at her parish church, St. Francis Xavier in Burbank.

Her brothers Rudy and William, Sister Roseann as well as many nieces and nephews surrounded her throughout her life. She made many new friends later in life throughout her successful recovery from cancer.