Billie Longley

Family History of Construction?

  • My dad had a residential construction company. Spent two summers together when I was in college building homes with him. He put me in the field, I learned more those summer’s about construction then I did in any internship!  

How did you first start out, the beginnings?
  • Pretending to like black coffee…JK! I honestly started out how many of our stocker/scraper/apprentices start out. Carrying all the tools to the different work stations on the job site, stocking materials, stripping form work, tying rebar, basically any job someone would give me that I couldn’t mess up too bad😊. And people on the job site would grab me when they were doing something a little bit more technical so, I could learn!
What advice would you give to younger generations?
  • Stick with it. Construction is not easy, it’s hard work but, it’s rewarding. Some of the best feelings I’ve had are looking back on really challenging projects that I never thought we would get through but, looking up at the end and seeing it complete. It is really satisfying. Also, if you don’t know how, learn to play golf.
Some memorable People?
  • A lot of people in this industry are memorable. Someone that has always stood out for me is our former CEO Bill Massey who I met when I interviewed for PCI. He wasn’t the CEO at the time but, he was high enough that he didn’t need to be at interviews for recent college school graduates. He was there and he made a great impression.
  • We all have hardships. I think looking back on those and acknowledging that we have navigated and made it through 100% of them is important. And a great reminder when we experience a hardship.
A funny story…
  • Job Site Access has really been challenging for me for some reason. I’ve had my car stuck in the mud, I’ve been stuck in the truck wash, I’ve driven in some of the worst places. Luckily the kind men and women on site have always helped me out!