Andrea Davis

Family History of Construction?

  • I followed my brother out to California from Michigan who worked for PCI in the Bay Area.
How did you first start out, the beginnings?
  • I had a Psychology degree and started working at PCI as a temp admin in order to pay the bills while I applied to grad schools. After a year with PCI I was asked to be a Project Engineer and I’ve never looked back.
What advice would you give to younger generations?
  • The first few years out of school it will be hard work and test your strength, but don’t give up because it will get better. I’ve enjoyed my 17 years in the industry and appreciate all of the cool projects I’ve been a part of.
Some memorable jobs?
  • I loved working on the PIXAR Animation Studio. It was cool to see where all the behind the scenes magic happens. I also really enjoyed being part of the new Stanford Hospital. It was a 7 year project which is the longest and largest project I’ve been a part of. It had its challenges but it’s a beautiful facility and I know there will be a lot of amazing things that will happen there.
Some Memorable people?
  • The first person that comes to mind is my first mentor Larry Bonincontri. He took me under his wing and taught me the ropes when I knew nothing! Not even how to read drawings 😊
Being in a male dominated industry, I think it is very important for ladies to support each other. I became a member of NAWIC back in 2008 and helped a small chapter grow into one of the larger ones in the Bay Area. It has been a great experience and I value all of the amazing women I have met through it.