Carpenters - UBC
Arizona Drywall/Lathing Memorandum Agreement
    Colorado Independent Collective Bargaining Agreement
Southern California Drywall/Lath Master Agreement 
           * Extention MOU 
* MOU Non Mandatory Training Hours
* MOU Payments to Employees
* MOU LA City Ordinance for Supplemental Paid Sick Leave
           * MOU LA City Order for Supplemental Paid Sick Leave - Addition
           * COVID-19 Supplemental Sick Leave Ordinane - City of Long Beach
           * MOU Annuity 7/2020
    Southern Nevada Drywall Master Agreement

D/W Finishers - IUPAT
Arizona Drywall Tapers Master Agreement
Southern California Drywall Finishers Joint Agreement
           * Extention 2020 & 2021
           * MOU San Diego 
  * MOU Supplemental Paid Sick Leave - Covid 19
Southern Nevada Painters and Decorators Master Agreement
Utah Drywall Finishers Agreement 

Plasterers - OPCMIA
Colorado Plasterers Contractors Agreement
  Nevada Master Labor Agreement
* Pre-Fab Side-Letter
Southern California Plasterers Master Agreement
* MOU Sick Leave 2014-2018
  * MOU Covid-19 Sick Leave
          * MOU  PAGA AB1654
          * MOU Payments to Employees

Plaster Tenders - LIUNA
Nevada Laborers Master Agreement
    Southern California Plaster Tenders Master Agreement
    Colorado Laborers Agreement